Our design team love to find creative solutions to residential or commercial landscaping challenges.


We offer a range of services from initial consultation, creating sketches and CAD designs all the way through to management of the installation.

Design Service

Beeches Transform - Landscape Design Leeds

Add some style

If you need someone to design

your garden then look no further


Its not only important to get the planting correct but also balancing it with the materials used within hard landscaped aspects of the garden. At Beeches we have experience in a wide selection of materials and can incorporate these to stunning effect.

Beeches Transform - Landscape CAD drawings Leeds

It's all in the detail 


We offer different design options

to suit all budgets


As with most things in life, the devil is in the detail. By choosing our gold design package all design work will be finalised with CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings to ensure no detail is missed.

Beeches Transform - Landscape Design Leeds Sketches

Add some colour

We have been growing plants for over 25 years.


At Beeches we know how to add colour to your garden. By selecting the right plants it is possible to have a garden that has colour all year round. If you need advice and a planting plan why not take a look at our Gold Plan.

Beeches Transform - Landscape Design Leeds Romina

Meet our Landscape Architect

Our Italian designer, here to add some style to your garden


Beeches Transform would like to introduce you to our Landscape Architect.


Romina Costantino was born in Turin, Italy and completed her Bachelors Degree in Architecture in 2006, studying at the Polytechnic of Turin. Romina went on to complete her Masters Degree in Design of Gardens, Parks & Landscapes at II Faculty of Architecture in Turin 2010.


Since 2007 Romina has been working as a consultant, collaborating with architects and specialised in private terraced gardens in Italy alongside Anna Regge.


In 2011 she broadened her horizons choosing to work for a well know firm ‘Local Office Landscapes’ Brooklyn NYC.  


Romina is passionate about learning new methods of garden design, and keen to study the great gardens of Britain, she has now set her sights on designing in the UK and it is therefore a real pleasure that she has chosen to join the Beeches Transform Team.

Beeches Transform - Landscape Design Leeds Prices

Price Plans

for all

We offer a range of services

to cater for everyone's requirements


The aim of the initial consultation is to talk with you to gain an insight into your exact requirements. It is also an opportunity to discuss which design price plan would suit you and to understand the potential challenges and the environment ie access and site position, soil type, micro climates, existing plants and structure that could be used within the design.


Basic sketches are hand drawn and used as a tool to convey ideas and promote discussion between both parties.  Often these drawings are not to scale and will focus mainly on the top level theme of the design. 


Detailed sketches build on themes developed by the basic sketches and the initial consultation. Often these drawings are to scale and can have additional details regarding certain elements of the design.  It is also possible to add colour to these drawing in order to give a better insight of how the final design will look.


Planting plans are a clear record of the exact plants we believe should be planted to give the best results to complete the design brief.


CAD (computer aided design) service is a method of drawing up design on a computer to ensure every detail is captured, it allows plants to be added to scale. We also have the ability to create 3D renders of designs to give a feel for what the end design will look like.


For those platinum customers then our landscape architect will visit the site to ensure all work is being carried out as per the design intent.


We can give an estimate on cost for all of the above plans, should you want to go ahead with a plan then we would require 50% of the estimate up front with a final payment upon completion.