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We are experienced in finding creative solutions to residential landscaping challenges.

Add some style


It is important to get the planting correct and balance it with the materials used within any hard landscaped aspects of the garden. We have experience of a wide selection of materials and can incorporate these to stunning effect.


Add some colour

By selecting the right plants it is possible to have a garden that has colour all year round.

Landscaping for all budgets

​Initial consultation this is our opportunity to talk with you on site to gain an insight into your exact requirements, your budget and to understand the benefits and challenges of your particular environment i.e. access and site position, soil type, micro-climates, existing plants and structure that could be used within the design.


Basic sketches are usually produced following the initial consultation and are used as a tool to convey ideas and promote discussion between both parties. These drawings will focus mainly on the top level theme of the design, with relevant details identified regarding main materials to be used, key measurements etc. These sketches/plans will usually be sufficient to work from for most small to medium sized residential gardens.


Planting plans (if required) give a clear record of the exact plants we believe should be planted to give the best results to complete the design brief.

Detailed designs may be required for particularly large garden areas, especially if you are not sure exactly what you want to do with your garden. Whilst we can have an initial discussion around ideas you could consider, the actual design is not a service that we currently provide in-house. You will be advised to contact a landscape architect to provide this service for you. Once you have your detailed design Beeches can then price the work for you and offer suggestions for any cost saving options if the price works out above your original budget. There are some useful links on the Landscape Institute Yorkshire + Humber website if you need to find a landscape architect.

​We will give an estimate on cost after the initial consultation and should you wish to go ahead we will then work with you to agree a final specification as appropriate. In most cases a fixed cost price will be agreed for the specified work. Any additional work you may identify during the course of the project can be quoted for and added on if necessary once work has commenced.


For our residential clients a 25% deposit payment is due when work starts on site. Further stage payments will then be due during the course of our work, with a final invoice issued once all work is complete.  Details will be provided prior to the commencement of work on our Client Agreement.

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